With EASY With EASY everything is easy to do

Easy is our newest management software for small businesses and beginners in the recycling market. Easy is a system that has come to serve the entire recycling trade chain, providing simple, effective and total control of your business management.

We change the world

Why Easy?

Truck Reecycle

Because it is simple and easy to manage the collection in a company that is starting in the recycling market.

Classificação de sucata, residuos

The classification and control of entry / exit of waste is no longer a rocket science.

Empilhadeira, Sucata, Residuos

And you can do this and more in an integrated way, including the management of accounts payable and receivable.

With Easy everything is EASY to do. You don’t have to worry about training, local server, registrations and everything.


Entradas e saidas

Entrance and exit

Manual Weights
Electronic Weighing
Inventory control
Impurity discount

Financeiro reciclagem


Bills to pay
Bills to receive
Expense Center
Banking Control

Transporte de sucata


Collection Scheduling
Boarding Schedule
Scale Integration

Why buy from sygecom?

We have been a technology company for over 15 years working in the recycling market. Our mission is to computerize, professionalize, facilitate and make efficiency so that the recycling agents can do more and more, thus changing the world – for the BETTER.

We change the world - Sygecom Reciclagem - Easy

Values and conditions


  • Control of suppliers
  • Customer control
  • Weighing Control
  • Scheduling pickups and deliveries
  • Product Control
  • Financial control
  • Access control

Environmental services

  • The environmental services modality is not yet available, but will be launched soon. In it we will have the specific modalities for companies essentially Waste Management.


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Cts Reciclagem - Sygecom Easy, Sucata

“A revolution took place at CTS and it was called Sygecom. With its management system, we were able to take a step forward in internal controls and evolve strategically. Its system is different, as it was born within the recycling business, it is not an adaptation. Impeccable service, availability, purpose and pioneering spirit are some of the qualities that make this company unique. There is nothing like it on the market. “
Felipe, from CTS

Aparicio sucatas

“We were looking for a company that would combine the complex branch of recycling with a system that gave us confidence to work. Work combined with technology. Finding SAGI was an important step in being able to view all of our company’s data quickly and easily. Hassle free.”
Nathali, from the company Apariciofer.

Grupo Paco

“If you want to thrive in your business, the first thing you need to think about is control. Don’t think it is easy to control, but there are tools for that and the best are provided by Sygecom.”
Felipe, from Grupo Paco.

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